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I am thrilled to be sharing the Summer Island series with you.  Book 1 – Lie to Me comes from a deeply personal place fueled in part by my own experience losing my mom to cancer and growing up on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. The Summer Island series will continue with Book 2 Beautiful Wreck featuring familiar characters and a coming of age story set in the world of Summer Island.

I love connecting with readers and answer all emails personally. Be sure to check back for info on upcoming new releases and to let me know what you think about the girls of Summer Island.





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Cassie Safire didn’t think there could be anything worse than being dumped by the boy she has loved since first grade. Then she didn’t think there could be anything worse than being betrayed by her best friend in the world. She was wrong on both counts.

A summer job restoring a boat with RD, a handsome college guy, becomes her anchor. When everything is wrong, RD’s touch is the only thing that feels right, and it’s so much easier to confide in him than in her overworked mom and needy younger sister.

But RD’s secrets run deeper than Cassie can imagine, and soon she finds herself adrift in his arms and a sea of lies. Can she find her way back the safe harbor of her family before she loses the people who truly mean the most to her?

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